Tumbling & Acro Classes

Recreation Tumbling

This class offers an exciting combination of mini-tramp and tumbling circuits where children can learn the basics and practice their tumbling and acro skills. This class is great for gymnasts and dancers that want to focus souly on the acro/tumbling elements.

Participants will learn skill's such as, front & back somersaults, round off, handsprings, aerials and Flic flac's, all in a safe and fun environment. 

Classes available:

 - Wednesday - 5.00pm - 7.00pm

     Cost per term: $183

Development Tumbling

This class is designed for those athletes that would like to some day compete as a Tumbler and shows great potential in the acrobatics side of gymnastics. Prerequisites; forwards roll, backwards roll, handstand, cartwheel, walkover.

GymCity follow the NZ national levels tumbling programme. The athletes train twice a week and compete all over the country during the year. Cost of competitions are not incuded in the class fee.

Athlete attends two classes per week:                 

 - Wednesday 5.00pm-7.00pm  

 - Friday 5.00pm-7.00pm

    Cost per term: $296

                                                                                              RACHEL SCOTT 

                                                              2020 TUMBLING NATIONAL CHAMPION - 13-14years age group

                                                              2021 TUMBLING NATIONAL CHAMPION - Junior Elite