Baby Gym & Play Gym Classes

BABY GYM / PLAY GYM (6months - 3 years)

These sessions enhance your child’s motor sensory and brain development through a fundamental movement program. This will establish the building blocks for all future learning. Music and rhymes are used to improve memory and rhythm, massage and tactile senses for body awareness, swinging and spinning for balance, and imagery for self-expression. 

This Class involves warm up and warm down activities, with non-structured explorational play on circuits of their choice. Coaches will be on the floor for assistance and guidence. Parents/caregivers must be actively involved in each class.

Classes available:

  - Tuesday 9.30-10.15am

      Cost per term: $100

PLAY GYM (2-5years)

These sessions encourage children to explore their body’s capabilities through play, using basic movement patterns and multi-sensory activities that stimulate mind and body. All sessions are designed to let children experiment with various locomotion skills like running, climbing, sliding, crawling, skipping and leaping. Opportunities to explore swinging, bouncing, catching and throwing are provided in fun and safe circuits.

This is a fully structured class where children will have warm up and warm down activites and structured play on each circuit with a coaches guidence. Parents/caregivers must be actively Involved in each class. 

Classes available:

 - Monday - 9.30-10.15am

 - Saturday - 9.00-9.45am

     Cost per term: $120 

The gym will be closed on all public holidays. Unfortunately, we do not offer make up classes, but we structure our term dates to guarantee at least 8 weeks of classes. If possible we will do 9 weeks.

If the gym is closed due to Covid 19 Lockdowns then we will credit you missed classes to the following term.

                                          *** Play GYM Sessions for pre-schools and community groups available***

                                                           Please email for more specific information and a booking.

                                                                                              Rowena Deadman (manager)