Tumbling Classes

Intermediate Tumbling

This class offers an exciting combination of mini-tramp and tumbling circuits where children can learn the basics and practice their tumbling and acro skills .

Participants will learn to do front & back somersaults, round off, handsprings and Flic flac's in a safe and fun environment.


Classes available:

 - Wednesday - 5.00pm - 7.00pm

     Cost per term: $180


Development Tumbling

This class is designed for those athletes that would like to some day compete as a tumbler and shows great potential in the acrobatics side of gymnastics. Prerequisites; forwards roll, backwards roll, handstand, cartwheel, walkover.

GymCity follow the NZ national levels tumbling programme. The athletes train twice a week and compete all over the country during the year. Cost of competitions are not incuded in the class fee.

Athlete attends two classes per week:                  *CLASSES CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE*

 - Wednesday 5.00pm-6.30pm  

 - Friday 5.00pm-6.30pm

    Cost per term: $290


The gym will be closed on all public holidays. Unfortunately, we do not offer make up classes, but we structure our term dates to guarantee at least 8 weeks of classes. If possible we will do 9 weeks.

If the gym is closed due to Covid 19 Lockdowns then we will credit you missed classes to the following term.

                                                                                              RACHEL SCOTT 

                                                              2020 TUMBLING NATIONAL CHAMPION - 13-14years age group

                                                              2021 TUMBLING NATIONAL CHAMPION - Junior Elite