Tumbling Classes

Little Flippers

This class offers an exciting combination of mini-tramp and tumbling circuits where children can learn the basics and practice their tumbling and acro skills .

They will have the opportunity to enter into regional competitions if they wish.

Boys & girls welcome.

 - Wednesday - 3.30pm-4.30pm

      Cost: $105 per term

Intermediate Tumbling

In this class, participants will learn to do front & back somersaults, handsprings and Flic flac's in a safe and fun environment.

In order to enrol in this class you must already be able to cartwheel, roundoff, backwards & forwards roll, and do a handstand.

 - Wednesday - 5.30pm - 6.30pm

     Cost: $105 per term

Advanced Tumbling

This class is designed for currents athletes that would like to advance their acro and tumbling skills. Skills taught in this class include but are not limited to whips, twist and double saltos.

In order to enrol in to this class you must already be able to round off flic flac, back and front salto.

- Friday - 7.00pm-8.30pm

     Cost: $125

Competitive Tumbling Prgramme

We follow the NZ national age tumbling prgramme. The athletes train more than three times per week and compete all over the country during the year. Costs for this class is dependant on the hours and competitions for each competiton.

To enrol in to this class you must be assessed by the head competitive coach.

Please email for more information.