Date Posted
3rd Jun 2022


Hey Team!

We will be moving to a different location this month (24th June) as the venue we are presently in is to become a site for a new housing project. We have been looking for a new home for a very long time and thanks to Panukua we have been able to move into a temporary location whilst we wait for a more permanent venue to be secured. The site we are moving into is the old post office building at 245 Great South Road.

With only 23 days to prepare and move the club, we are asking for your help and support please, as this is going to be a huge task. 

Next weekend (18th & 19th June) we will be cleaning, painting and preparing the new venue.
On the 24th & 25th of June, we will be moving everything into the new venue.

Please email us if you can help in any way.